Al Gore’s Postcard Campaign

Once I discovered that Al Gore was blogging, I had to check it out. I had a hunch that the fact that would provide endless material to discuss and write about. Sure enough, I didn’t have to read very far to find plenty of hilarity.

Prince Al has a “postcard to congress” message that allows his subjects to sign up to send a message to their representation that they want something done about this global crisis pronto. How will this message be delivered? Not by email, but by paper!

In fact, so many people signed our message in the 24 hours before the hearing, we are still working on printing them.

C’mon Al! Do you know how many trees are going to have to be cut down for you to deliver 1/2 million pieces of paper to congress? How much carbon dioxide is going to be left in our atmosphere that these trees could have otherwise filtered? Isn’t this one of the benefits of that internet thing you invented?

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