I May Know a Few People

Will some of you guys help BadBadIvy out?

She doesn’t understand why “there are men out there in the world that will…

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LOL, seriously? Please tell me they are all super skanky dudes.

On a dare and for a laugh…yeah, chances are good they’d do it. The prize money would probably have to be double the cost of the throw though.

Are they skanky? I guess that’s in the eye of the beholder. The fact that they frequently refer to themselves as “damn sexy” apparently gives them bonus points in the charisma category. So say their scorecards anyway.

If you happen to catch an image of two portly gentlemen in leopard skin speedos over in the margin you can judge for yourself.

If they refer to themselves as “damn sexy” and wear leopard skin speedos, I think that answers my question. 😉

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