Fudge Round or Star Crunch?

Little Debbie Snack CakesLast week’s poll was a real nailbiter. We had a three way tie, but I think the Ron Paul supporters were stuffing the ballot box. Or maybe they’re the only ones who care enough to vote?

I asked my readers to choose between a bowl of Crispix, a peanut butter banana sandwich, Vienna sausages with crackers, or any single Little Debbie snack cake for their last meal.

Vienna sausage was the big loser, but only by one vote. I guess I’m not too surprised that it was so close. First of all, the voting was completely anonymous, so there was no risk of being singled out as someone who is actually willing to put Vienna sausages in your mouth. Another possible reason that the sausages got any votes at all is based on the same rationale that prompted me to choose the Little Debbies…

This is my last meal! Trans fat and phosphates be damned! I’m going out with a bang!

Don’t get me wrong–I’m a huge fan of both cereal and peanut butter and ______ sandwiches, but for $.35, it’s tough to beat a Fudge Round.

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6 Replies to “Fudge Round or Star Crunch?”

  1. When I was in the army in the outback of Thailand in ’63, a couple of buddies and I would often pop a can of Vienna Sausages for a little midnight snack after a night of guzzling suds at the NCO club. My buds were mainly rednecks from Tennessee and Texas, so I thought for years that you pronounced it “VYE-ayn-nah”. A couple of years ago when I finally got to visit Vienna, Austria, I found myself slurping down chocolate torts instead of the mushy sausages. Go figure.

  2. I can confirm that “VYE-ayn-nah” is the correct pronunciation in Tennessee, although we will also accept “VYE-ee-nah”.

  3. I don’t think I realized until sometime in my early thirties that those fine canned products were even intended to be pronounced like a city in It-ly. Same with Arsh (Irish) potatoes. By the way, once they started flavoring the sausages, that was it for me. The bbq style are really bad.

  4. Back when I was in a barber-shop quartet in Skokie Illinois, we ate double-decker oatmeal cream pies. I know it wasn’t as cool as a military occupation of an Asian country but we rocked! (free respect for identifying the movie reference in this post without google or wikipedia)

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