Tonight We Have a Fine ’07 Sprite

Soda WineI saw this on the soda dispenser at a BK yesterday and absolutely had to take a photo of it. Is this for real? This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. They are actually offering suggestions on which soda you should drink with which meal! I’d love to meet the person who actually uses this as a reference when choosing a drink.

Note to BK–you’ve already sold the drink. It doesn’t matter which one they choose. You aren’t going to make any extra money, and your suggestions aren’t going to add any enjoyment to anyone’s meal.

I love it when people do idiotic stuff like this.

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4 Replies to “Tonight We Have a Fine ’07 Sprite”

  1. Yeah, but you gotta think about it. They got you to post a picture on your blog about it…free marketing right there. Maybe they aren’t as dumb as you think and you have played right into their hands.

  2. Hadn’t thought of it that way. I guess you’re right.

    It’s a very clever marketing strategy–forget the dining experience itself, just make sure that we do something that makes us look like idiots. Then Sadcox will come by and post a picture of it on his blog. That way we’ll get the word out fast!

    I’m sure both of my readers are flocking to BK as we speak to get a glimpse of the suggestion stickers on the soda dispensers.

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