The 5th of November

If you didn’t think Ron Paul was a serious candidate, consider that his fund raising effort yesterday pulled in $4.07 $4.3 million. That is the second biggest fund raising day for any candidate ever. Only Hilly has raised more in one day. Ron Paul’s message is hitting home with a lot of people–people who can afford to contribute to a successful campaign. Many would argue that they can’t afford not to.

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3 Replies to “The 5th of November”

  1. Good stuff! It’s a sad state that the so-called mainstream media won’t give Dr. Paul the kind of coverage that he deserves. They’ll have to mention the money bomb, but will they continue? I think those of us in the Internet community that support Dr. Paul need to pressure CNN, MSNBC, and the old networks.

  2. I remember a few months ago when we tried to, uh, pressure ABC by giving them a ton of links and traffic to a story about Ron Paul which resulted in a lot of comments on their site.

    Their reaction–disable comments.

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