Top Marathoner Dies in New York

The craziest thing about this story to me is that he was only 6 miles in. As they mention in the video, autopsy results are pending. It is very scary to think that something like this can happen to a top athlete with unbelievable endurance. Scary and very sad.

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One Reply to “Top Marathoner Dies in New York”

  1. This was really disturbing. The guy was an elite athlete and the weather was decent for running. Several years ago, one of my friends died on a run on a hot, humid day in Washington, DC. He was a skinny guy and a good runner, but the conditions of the day made the situation understandable, at least. I’m sure the death in NY will have big repercussions in the running world. For a guy in his 60s, like me, dying while running is preferable to dying in a pool of urine in a wheelchair in a nursing home, but for a guy that young, it’s a big tragedy.

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