Finch Addresses County Commission

Hat tip to mbradley for pointing us to the video of Wednesday’s meeting.  If you aren’t local, this is hilarious.  If you are, it’s truly sad.

[youtube SK3vPgawsfU]

WARNING:  multiple instances here of the pot calling the kettle…uh…cookware.

You can just feel/smell the love here, can’t you?

Story in the KNS.

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holy soap-opera batman… I want more, and what was in the pictures that got everybody riled up?

Didn’t she learn from Hillary? All she has to do is cry! She be back in her old job and handing out grants tomorrow.

BillyMac, the KNS says that the photos were of a white supremesists rally in KTown.

TVD, that is hi-freaking-larious. I’m envious I didn’t come up with that line on my own.

Sometimes my bathroom wreaks of ethnic “overturns”…after I eat Mexican, Thai, or Indian…

They aren’t quite the same as racial “overturns”…ok I don’t even know what an overturn is.

For the record, “she be back” was not racially motivated. It was only motivated by the fact that 1. I don’t type well, and 2. I don’t proofread.

Sometimes my bathroom wreaks of ethnic “overturns”…after I eat Mexican, Thai, or Indian

Thanks…coffee just shot out of my nose and all over my keyboard.

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