From Bartlett Grove Park–Another Naked Idiot

I’ve commented here before about how stupid you must be to allow someone to film you naked and not keep the one and only copy for yourself. Common sense risk management should tell you that it may end up on the internet. But letting someone photograph or film your privates in a public place with the intent of posting it on the web is even dumber–especially when that place is a playground. That’s what these geniuses did in Bartlett Tennessee.

Action News 5 was unable to locate the “model.” She writes on the web-site that the pornographic shoot took place just last week.

Give it, I don’t know, 2 hours or so and someone will identify her and post something on their blog or a message board about it. Probably no jail time involved, but I’d bet a heavy fine will come out of this.

Seriously, on a playground? And you’re stupid enough to say which playground? I guess there’s a reason why you are, ahem, “modeling” and not practicing medicine.

The news report calls this video “porn”. I don’t think a naked skank on a slide really qualifies as porn, but I guess community standards are what apply here.

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Yeah, and who knows what kind of stuff these locals do behind closed doors. Like this is the first time this was ever done at a playground.

My questions is if it was done just last week, How does a news station “discover” this video that fast? Some intern was doing “research”?

@Mac I’m not passing judgment on anything other than her judgment. What a skank does on a slide is her own business as far as I’m concerned. Well, as long as the rest of us aren’t having to pay to disinfect the slide afterwards.

@rvs I believe this is what they call “SOOOOOO local news”

Well, if it is illegal to expose yourself in public then it is illegal, otherwise they should let people be. They don’t go to the baptist church and tell the children that they are lying to them do they.

‘”I don’t think this would be appropriate for an adult to see in a park — much less a child,” Schaber said.’

I have heard that Nudity is a gateway vice.

What website is the uncensored version of the video posted on?

I need to investigate the uncensored version of the video in order to see the criminals face – thus helping the ongoing investigation!


If there were no kids in the park, is it illegal?

I’ll defer all legal questions to one of our resident pettifogs. As for me, I’m not really too concerned with the legality–it’s the stupidity that dismays me.

Thanks for getting distracted by a little nudity and sex to let me continue my work in your neighborhood. Me and my muderous friends are the real criminals, but I’m sure glad we have religious nuts out there to call out “criminals” like this!!!

@Neighborhood Drug Dealer–those same religious nuts also work to make sure drugs remain illegal, thus keeping you employed in easy work. You should be thanking them.

They picked the frumpiest fat housewife in an oversized t-shirt that they could find to call the hot chick in the video rude names… What else dd they expect? That is a manufactured response. Regarding the “legality” of it all, public nudity is usually only illegal if witnessed by someone else. If you watch the video AFTER it was taped, then you were obviously looking for porn, and shouldn’t be offended. If you watched it being filmed (and didn’t call police immediately), then you are a voyeur and equally as kinky. I bet none of the people in this story have every done a single kinky thing in their life- I’m sure they are perfect angels.

These people should get a life. The only witnesses to this “crime” are those that searched it out on the internet.

I’ve had sex at a public park before. Back in college late at night on several occasions. The cops would drive up and chase everyone off that were making out in cars. Big Deal. No harm, no penalty.

You should see what she does at Putt-Putt. That should get the news hopping.

who gives a rats azz. the only thing im interested in is the website now… stupid hype..

Find it at: foxyjacky dot com

edited…the url can stay, but not the link

@Jeff in Dallas, get a clue. You have no idea who saw it, and the fact is that it’s illegal. Just on the front page of the webiste I see 8 violations. Not to mention they have said they will do it again. Sickos like this always get more idiotic and daring.

Hey Jeff, Murder is illegal, but if you get killed it won’t affect me; so I suppose if you are murdered we should not care? You know, get a life.

@Joe, of course the liberal media picked that women. The libs think homos should

@Jeff in Dallas, get a clue. You have no idea who saw it, and the fact is that it’s illegal. Just on the front page of the website I see 8 violations. Not to mention they have said they will do it again. Sickos like this always get more idiotic and daring.

Hey Jeff, Murder is illegal, but if you get killed it won’t affect me; so I suppose if you are murdered we should not care? You know, get a life.

@Joe, of course the liberal media picked that women. The libs who run news outlets do everything they can to make people with morals look badly. Why? because libs think more immorality is OK, and they hate normal people. Just like you Joe, who seems to be either an inveterate liar, or stupid. I am going with the former. They are offended by it’s having taken place, NOT HAVING WATCHED IT YOU TWIT.

Exposing yourself in any city in this country is illegal, even the most f’d up city around, San Francisco. I can’t think of a city where it’s not illegal to expose yourself.

Oh pffft. Just took a look at the website in question and it is rather pedestrian, regular porno fare. Nothing to get bent out of shape about. As far as that newspaper story about the filming in the Tennessee park…it is unclear as to how many people, if any witnessed the filming.

why are these highly moral and holier than thou persons bringing this strong protest, and how did they find this porno while surfing the internet??? what sites are they surfing??
you cannot stop porn on the internet and porn sites are generally cyber-safe to be adult accessible only, although i know that it isn’t foolproof.
While what went on is in fact illegal, it was not witnessed by anyone (i’m assuming this as it was not reported at the time it was filmed). this type of public exposure porn goes on everyday in all kinds of locations so why are these other videos and pictures not being investigated so vehemently??

Apparently Bartlett Grove has solved the problems posed from violent crime and other felonious acts — lest how are the local constabulary now free to pursue evil smut peddlers in their midst. As a taxpayer, these are the types of things that frost Buck’s chaps.

Seriously, if that is a porno, then I am Barack Obama and I am the President of the United States…. OH wait bad ananlogy, given he is going to lose.

Well I really dont see ANYTHING wrong with it. Shes a beautiful girl, making some money.

Mark, get a life. IT IS ART

Hey Mark

Get a clue as to how to only post things once…..Its the proverbial tree falling in the forest argument (if nobody is there does it make a sound)…..I cant see how it could be illegal and she exposed her beasts……I practically see 150 pairs of boobs every weekend on the beach with thousands of kids around to watch them……Its amazing what idiots get excited over

An how the hell is a Baptist Minister living in that neighborhood? How many people is he robbing out of their hard earned money?

@ Mark –

“Exposing yourself in any city in this country is illegal, even the most f’d up city around, San Francisco. I can’t think of a city where it’s not illegal to expose yourself.”

In Brattleboro Vt, it’s perfectly legal to be completely naked – Google it. Daytona Beach also had their anti-nudity laws struck down at the Supreme Court level. Baker Beach in San Fran, is on Federal land, and since there’s no federal statute against nudity, people there sunbathe in the buff. Might wanna check your facts before limbering up the ol’ yapper, Mark.

What is the wes site with the unsencered video of the park porn?

@mike If you really need to see the site you can Google ‘Foxy Jacky’ and find it easily enough, although it’s not very exciting–ate least that’s what I hear. 🙂

Good discussion going on about legality, but shouldn’t the legality of exposing yourself be left up to the local community? Just because it’s ok with one city’s citizenry doesn’t mean another city’s has to accept it, right?

There’s a fine line between “porn” and “nudity”. The difference between a woman breastfeeding in public and a woman flashing her breasts at Mardi Gras is that one is of a sexual nature. But it’s still just a tit. I’m disagreeing with sadcox on that it’s idiotic, one person’s kink is another’s turn-off. The legal issue is definitely there – though whether activities such as these should be illegal is in question, and questionable. There were no little kids exposed, nothing was harmed, and let’s be honest – as far as germs if I were the woman I’d be getting checked out, because most of the kids on the playground are going to be more germ ridden than she is. And the sunlight will kill a lot of it anyway.

Only the fragile minds of a few naive religious conservatives (who obviously viewed this “porn” were harmed), let some people have some fun.

Well, I love to see everyone getting so UP IN ARMS over this. Don’t be such prudes. This is not Medieval England although some extremist “Zealots” think so. She’s just a girl having fun and making some money on the internet. Big deal. I just looked at a calendar and it’s 2008. Get over it.

She’s could be making between $1,000 and $10,000 per week. If you don’t like it, don’t look. She didn’t hurt anyone but yet you pass judgment on her as if you have some supreme authority. Guess what… you don’t. Your opinion is just that… YOUR opinion. Not “right” or “wrong”. Being judgmental and disrespectful of someone does not make you a better person anyways.

Welcome to the new Century. Relax and live.

It’s Foxy Jacky!! Google her!

I just checked out her website. It looks really freakin good! I’m joining!! LOL!! It really does look pretty good, though. foxyjacky dot com. *edited for content*. This will be the greatest publicity for this chick ever!

all these prudes wouldn’t be here with out perverted thought from their horny dads muttered to their whore moms. quit crying babies!!! go back to your alter boys!!! smokin chick i’d hit it

Fact is if she didnt name the park she shot it at noone would have every heard about it the free publicty she is getting from this is 100 times more then any fine that will ever be emposed

Dear Jacky, I have a BIGGER playground. I cordially invite you to play on it anytime you want. You are gorgeous!

What’s wrong with nudity, or showing the genitals? Why is it that when people see nudity, all they can think about is sex? I’ll bet that Baptist Preacher ran right home after seeing the video and had sex with his hand. People are naturally lustful, and if something is taboo or sinful, they desire it even the more. There are too many fanatical hypocrites in this world who would censor everything sexual, but still desire the same themselves. Sheesh!!!
The Rev

She wasn’t hurting anyone and if no kids were exposed to it then leave her alone. People freak out over a little nudity, get a life.. Want to know what the rape crime is in Germany?? Like less than 1%. Why so? They are open with nudity and kids and young men are not curious due to early exposure. Maybe some of you are the real idiots. Nudity is art and not a crime.

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