Miami Drivers Unite!

Quick!  Take the opportunity this power outage has provided you to prove to the world once and for all that you are the biggest collection of jackasses alive.

We were just watching Fox News here at work and they’re showing a busy intersection (79th and 10th I think) where the stoplights are out.  People are just cruising right through at high speeds like total morons.

And what the hell is the police department doing?  They showed a couple of motorcycle cops cruise through exactly like the rest of the drivers.  It doesn’t take a PR genius to realize that this exact intersection is on worldwide TV and that you need to get this one taken care of–force the, ahem, “news” people to find another intersection to film idiot drivers.  Then again, I guess they’d only have to go a block or so to get the exact same footage.

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The real problem is that you watch Faux news! 🙂

Yeah, but that’s the station they have it set on…and it’s locked.

Obviously I had to leave that job.

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