Apologies to the Thompsons

Looks like I inadvertantly angered a couple of Fred’s relatives who read Bob Krumm. Sorry about that…didn’t mean to issue fuedin’ words.

If you are a fan of my biting humor (I did it mostly for you, Shizzle Van Dizzle) and sarcasm you may find it worth a read. If you are not, that means it has probably been directed at you in the last few days and you are still pouting about it. When you get over the fact that I hurt your feelings and realize that everything I say is mostly joking with a little bit of truth, go back and read it.

Seriously, Bob maintains a really informative site with frequent updates, good regional information, and some great original thought. Because his site is ad-free (unlike mine), you know he’s doing it just because he loves it. I read it every day. Check him out.

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One Reply to “Apologies to the Thompsons”

  1. I am a fan of your biting humor…and I agree. Whether or not he’s running for president, it sounds presidential.

    Really the only thing I want to know about the possible campaign is, if elected, will Mr. Thompson enter into a room with “Hail to the Chief” or that “Dum dum, bada bada ba, Dum dum…” theme from Law and Order.

    My vote is for the latter.

    -Van Dizzle

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