More Important Legislation in Tennessee

This one will require mandatory HIV testing of PIMPs (Prostitution Industry Management Professionals).

This has taken things too far.  It’s about time someone stand up and push for deregulation of PIMPing.  It has gotten to the point that PIMPs are so busy filling out gov’ment paperwork and making sure they are abiding by all of the codes that they hardly have time time to concentrate on their core business–smackin’ ‘ho’s and foldin’ bank.

Free market enthusiasts unite!  If the state continues to create more and  more bureaucracy for sex industry management professionals they are going to drive many out of the business and into another sector.  Then where will we be?  Prostitutes will be wandering aimlessly about the streets with no direction whatsoever, and the negative effects in the economic downstream will be disastrous.  Warehouses will be full of unsold fur coats, velvet hats, and bling.

Please contact your legislator and urge him/her to vote against this bill on behalf of all the PIMPs and ‘ho’s who serve our state so well.

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