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Dennis Kucinich For Supreme Commander

I flipped over to the Democratic debates last night for a few minutes. I had to turn it off after just a few minutes due to the overuse of the words “progressive”, “tax”, “program”, etc. I even commented on Rogel’s blog before I went to bed that I just couldn’t take it. Too bad I […]

Latest Blogrush Updates

If you haven’t been to Blogrush to check your stats in a while because it seemed like they would never have any reports available, now is the time to check back in. I would have been happier if they’d gotten stats up quicker and not worried about making them pretty, but they are very pretty.

Milton Friedman and Phil Donahue

This one is making the rounds, and worth watching. It’s widely known that Phil did his show free of charge for many years. When he was finally forced to accept compensation, he handed what was left after taxes over to the gov’ment to do with as they saw fit. A real humanitarian. [youtube RWsx1X8PV_A]

Ask Not What Google Can Do For You

I’d wager that most of this blog’s regular readers fall into two main categories. The first group is those who know me IRL and like to see me make an ass of myself. Lately that has been happening online with a keyboard much more frequently than late at night with a debit card. Probably not […]

Not Even Local News

SVD has a pretty funny post over at KtownLowDown about “Local News“. Well what do I find featured in the KNS the very next day? A real scoop: Kenny Chesney Still Loves The Vols. Look, I get it that offbeat stories are interesting. When somebody does something really stupid or odd, it’s going to attract […]

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Nashville Increasing Licensing Fees For Strippers

From The Tennessean: Even though the board has discussed increasing the dancing permit and club licensing fees to $500, it probably won’t be able to charge that much. Metro attorney Doug Sloan said the board is prohibited from charging more money than it needs to regulate the industry, and the board is waiting for a […]

Supporting Social Programs Is A Lot Like Driving

I don’t remember where I heard this comment, but the basic idea is that there are two types of drivers: 1) Maniacs–these are people who drive faster than you 2) Idiots–these are people who drive slower than you What is the ideal speed? Whatever speed you drive. I think a lot of middle class neo-liberals […]

Three Things I Haven’t Let Go

When I first got hit with this meme by BillyMac, I thought the topic was “3 Things I Wouldn’t Let Go”. That one would be pretty easy–family, health, and some other random item. But this is “3 Things You Haven’t Let Go”, which has a much different conotation. Maybe I’m inferring it incorrectly, and it’s […]

Fudge Round or Star Crunch?

Last week’s poll was a real nailbiter. We had a three way tie, but I think the Ron Paul supporters were stuffing the ballot box. Or maybe they’re the only ones who care enough to vote? I asked my readers to choose between a bowl of Crispix, a peanut butter banana sandwich, Vienna sausages with […]

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I’m Doubting Any Republican Can Win

If you saw the debates last night you know why. Most of these guys can only talk about Hillary or Ronald Reagan. If they aren’t doing that, they are trying to squeeze pre-written jokes. Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo are the only two with anything different to say. Tancredo can’t get his ideas across, and […]