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I Made the Deadline This Year

But just barely. Last year’s “year-end” post didn’t get written until we were literally hours into 2008. I’m on the ball this year though. Lots of changes for me this year!  One big event is that I changed jobs.  More accurately, I quit my job and got another one later.  It was basically a case […]

Dear You

I’m really not trying to ignore you. I’m just super busy right now. I will leave this for you to watch since many of you may be tired from 5 days straight of Rock Band. You still have a long way to go to catch this guy.

Ultra Light Blogging

So it not just me? I stopped by for some bagels and a cup of coffee (ok, I really stopped to get online), and checked my feed reader just now. Looks like there’s light blogging going on everywhere, which probably means there’s light reading going on everywhere as well. Not much to write–I’ve been 1) […]

Because I Care

I’m finally getting around to setting up remote posting for this here site.  Since I’m going to be without constant connection for a couple of days it makes sense.  Plus I’ll be able to write posts updating every big poker hand I win. You may ask yourself, “Why is he worried about being able to […]

School Kids Make Me Jealous

So I’ve had a fun couple of days down here in Florida playing with my sister-in-law’s kids. We’ve been staying up until like 2 am drinking coffee (don’t tell their mom), eating pizza, playing Wii, and talking trash about our skills.  It doesn’t hurt that the weather is perfect, so during the day we can […]

The Absurdity of the Big Three Bailout in One Sentence

If the taxpayers of this country wanted you to have their money (or had it to give), a good indicator would have been that they were actually buying your cars. Didn’t we already vote on this when we decided not to buy? More here: The federal government has no business running a car company. Congress […]

2009 Internet Goals

I read this post the other day on Daily Blog Tips on 2009 Internet goals.  It’s a group writing project they’re sponsoring.  I haven’t participated in one of these in quite a while, but this one is pretty poignant.  Goal setting is usually something that I do in my head, but of course it’s a […]

The Death of News Stories?

I was running with @Mr_Schwartz the other day, and we were (once again) coming up with solutions to the world’s most difficult problems.  Unfortunately for the world, I’m not doing too much distance these days, so there isn’t enough time to fix every problem.  Nonetheless, the topic of conversation this cold and rainy night was […]

Rod Needs Your Help!

Thanks to sadcox for sharing the mic, I’ll try to live up to his standards. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has had a tough week. His approval rating has dropped from 13% (pre-arrest) to 8% (who are these people?), all of his former political allies are trying to distance themselves from him, and President-elect Obama, Lieutenant […]

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$100,000 Cars–Everybody Got ‘Em

For a limited time only, you can buy Barack Obama’s 2005 Chrysler 300 Series C on eBay. Current bid is just under $120k. Apparently Mr. Obama gave in to pressure a while back and switched to a Ford Escape hybrid. Isn’t it ironic that his gas guzzler is still out on the road? I mean, […]